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Kakashi x Sakura Community
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi and Sakura

    .. || Updates || .. </u>
  • 09.11.07
  • Hey evyerone!  The club's not dead!

    I logged in today and found and discovered 51 notes!  While I appreciate the flood of interest, it's going to take me a bit to get through all those.  If you've sent a note requesting to join or to submit fanwork, please be patient just a little longer.  

    There will be a new contest once I get caught up on prizes for the last contest (yes yes, na0k0 is sloooooow).  Please send in any suggestions or requests you may have for the next contest theme.   If you don't send suggestions, na0k0 will come up with something stupid.
    Thanks everyone! NA0K0
  • 04.13.07
  • Hey guys!  C:

    Voting for the contest was supposed to end April 1, but I am currently having serious computer problems... I don't have one!  Being computer-less, I don't have much opportunity to update right now so it may be a bit before the winner of the contest is officially announced.  Hopefully I will be able to fix that in the next week, so please bear with me in the meantime.

    I did update the member list, and there are a few fanart and fanfic submission still waiting.  I will get to them as soon as I can!  Thanks for being so patient with me~  I'm sorry!  :hug:
  • 03.13.07
  • ID Contest ends tomorrow!  I will probably log in to collect entries Thursday night, so please have your entries submitted by then.   In the meantime, all the entries are listed in the contest section if you would like to take a look -… xoxo NA0K0
  • 02.21.07
  • I had a few requests to extend the deadline for a couple more weeks, so I will.  That's actually a big help for me too because I have midterms coming up.  The new (and hopefully final) deadline will be Wednesday March 14.  That gives 2 more extra weeks to finish up the entries.  Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far, and good luck to those still hoping to enter!  C: NA0K0
  • 01.02.07 - First update of 2007!  :w00t:
  • || New fanart from :: Rikayu-chan, Yosh-chan, MakyKaos ||</sub> I've decided to extend the ID contest deadline.  It will run for two months now instead of one.  The new due date will be February 28.  Club sections will reflect this change.  I'm also working on adding all the fanart submissions to the club's favorites.   NA0K0
  • 12.23.06
  • Hey everyone!  The club is not dead, I promise!  Na0k0's just being a bad admin and neglecting her duties.  I realize many sections are in dire need of updating, so please be patient while I get these up to date.  Also, I'm seeing a lot of fanart/fanfiction submissions coming in the form of comments.  PLEASE SEND A NOTE!  It makes my life about 10 times easier if I just have to check one place for updates.  Comments are easy to miss and your submission may never be found by an admin.  Notes work best!  C:

    The new contest has started, and we really want to see lots of participation.  The winning ID will represent our whole club so please work hard on these!  

    Go here for more details -…

    Thanks everyone!
  • 01.15.06 Reminder!

    Remember that you must send a note in order to join the club.  Adding us to your watch list does not mean you are a member!  So, if you want to be in this club and don't see your icon on the member list, please send us a note!

    FANFICTION and FANART sections have been updated.

  • + 10.21.05 Club launched!


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